Just a few more book trailers

Yes, that’s right, MORE TRAILERS! I can’t help myself… I love watching book trailers. Whether they entice me to get the books or not, they are an art form in their own right and I enjoy sharing them.

In my last post (The author in front of the camera), I showed you an author promo by Charlie Higson for his YA novel, The Enemy. The book is about a disease that turns adults into bloodthirsty zombies, but leaves all the kids unharmed. The kids then have to learn to survive in this new dangerous world. The author promo is very effective, as Higson slowly succumbs to the disease while he tells you about the book. Bits of that promo have been re-cut into a shorter promo and also into a book trailer. But there is also a trailer for the follow-up book, The Dead. This trailer takes a different approach. There is no sign of the author. Instead, we have a scared kid on webcam, telling us what’s happening to all the adults.

Also in my last post, I included a couple of vids from Eoin Colfer for his book Airman. Colfer is best know for his Artemis Fowl novels, and the publicity machine for that series rocks on — literally, with a rock music video to promote the book series. Call Me Artemis Fowl, a catchy little number by Josh Fix, is combined with comic book style images to create a really good promo.

And if that’s not enough? Artemis also has a computer animated trailer…

Time to change the pace a little. Here is a beautifully created trailer combining live action and shadows. It’s for Ryan Van Meter’s essay collection, If You Knew Then What I Know Now, and is specifically based on the essay “First”. How do you turn an essay into a trailer? Watch and learn…

And to finish up… something completely different. In fact, this isn’t even a book trailer. It’s a beer commercial. But it’s a beer commercial with a very different take on a piece of classic literature — Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Extremely silly and extremely amusing!

And I really don’t think there’s much more I can say after that.

Tune in next time for a post without videos.

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The author in front of the camera

Not every author can be as charismatic as Neil Gaiman. When Mr Gaiman talks, everyone listens… especially when he is reading from his own writings. He has a presence and a real sparkle in his voice. He makes it all look so easy. But, of course, it’s not.

Authors are constantly asked to sell their work and to be the public face of their writing — Public appearances, readings, school talks… and even promotional videos. There is a real interest from readers to see the person behind the books they read. But honestly, some authors are better off NOT appearing in the promotional videos for their books.

Go to YouTube and search under “author videos”. You’ll find a fair few videos that fall somewhere between not very good and downright embarrassing. You’ll find a few that range from good to excellent. But the vast majority will simply be rather ordinary. The author may speak well, the author may have something interesting to say — but the author fails to truly engage his/her audience.

Here’s an example. Eoin Colfer. He’s an author who has had enormous success, particularly with his Artemis Fowl books. His stories are loved the world over. But this video for his book, Airman, is rather ordinary…

But… take the same author, direct him a little, add some visuals and music, and do a bit of editing. Suddenly you have something that’s a little more interesting…

I thought that little bit of humour in the last few seconds of the video was a really nice touch. Humour is a powerful way for a speaker to get the attention of his listeners. Here’s a rather brilliant example of an author video that uses humour. Libba Bray talks about her YA novel, Going Bovine, while dressed as a cow. Very entertaining!

Of course, humour is not going to work for every author and every book. So what do you do when you’re promoting a book in which all adults fall victim to a terrible disease that turns them into zombies? Well, in this video, as Charlie Higson tells you about his YA novel The Enemy, he gradually succumbs to the disease. Well acted, nicely directed, with some good make-up effects, this production is a benchmark for author videos.

So, does anyone out there have any author videos they would like to share? Something brilliant? Something tragic? Leave a comment.

And tune in next time for one more post about videos. Come one, you know you love them!

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