Delightfully Haiku

Delightfully Haiku by Donna Smith is a 60 page pocket-sized book full of simple poems that celebrate life’s pleasures.

According to the author,

The book is inspired by family and the natural beauty that surrounds people every day.

As the author states in the front of the book, “Haiku Poetry is very much like a piece of artwork as it captures the feeling and emotion of the moment.

As in the traditional style of Haiku, the poems are simple, but they are also evocative.

Delightfully Haiku has poems for many occasions and themes including seasons, fruit, weather, birds, animals and emotions.


Dew kisses the leaves,

Early morning sunrise

Peeping through the blossoms…

The book is illustrated by Matthew Shires and edited by Tasmania’s most published children’s author, Sally Odgers.

Delightfully Haiku has a blog offering writing tips, mini workshops and competitions at

It also has its own Facebook page at and is now available as an e-book.