The Pup’s Tale is the latest book in Sally and Darrel Odger’s Pet Vet series from Scholastic.

It’s book number 6 and the story is told from the point of view of Trump, The Animal Liaison Officer (ALO) at the Pet Vet Clinic.

Trump the dog lives behind the veterinary surgery belonging to her person, Dr Jeannie and travels with her to house and farm calls. Having acute dog senses, she often works things out way before the humans.

In The Pup’s Tale, main character, Trump is in a tricky situation. She can see that Goldie the Labrador isn’t coping with her brood of fifteen new puppies and one in particular isn’t getting enough food.

Trump knows that Tiny, the runt of the litter isn’t going to survive long without help, but how can Trump convince the humans that something must be done?

Although most of the characters in this book are dogs, they’re still very ‘people like’ in their perceptions and qualities, and will be easy for young readers to relate to.

Trump is a bright, determined Jack Russell who thinks she might have the perfect solution to Goldie’s problem. Authors, Sally and Darryl Odgers often come up with ideas for books while walking their own Jack Russells so it’s hardly surprising that Trump seems so real to the reader.

The Pup’s Tale is an engaging story and it’s also great for teaching young readers about how to look after their pets.

The book has vocabulary and definitions to extend literacy skills and will provide entertainnig classroom reading.

The text is broken up by side bar definitions like Caterwauling – a loud squalling sound cats make when they’re annoyed or challenging other cats.

Janine Dawson’s lively humorous black and white illustrations are scattered throughout The Pup’s Tale.

The Pet Vet series is written for readers aged 6 + and they won’t be able to resist the cute photo of Tiny on the front and back cover The Pup’s Tale.