Stories for the Soul – Picture Books that Tug the Heart – Part 2

Here are a few more stories with heart that encompass the three pillars of great picture books: to enlighten, educate and entertain.

Finn’s Feather by Rachel Noble and Zoey Abbott

It’s wrenching when something or someone you love is lost. No one knows this better than Rachel Noble who was inspired to write Finn’s Feather after the loss of her son, Hamish. However if you think this story is a maudlin narrative on grief and loss, think again.

Finn’s Feather embraces all the love and joy families share for one another. It is a sublime examination of the emotions of heartache, anguish and sorrow expressed through the eyes of a child, which makes it immediately relatable and real. When a parent carries the burden of grief, children often slump along beside them under the same weight but unsure of why they are even there. The way they might experience the loss (of a sibling) understandably has to be different from the despair their parents are experiencing. This is precisely what Finn is going through after he discovers a pristine white feather on his doorstep one morning.

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Review – First Time books by Child’s Play

Child’s Play have been producing brightly-coloured, highly-educational books for tots for a long time now. Their enormous range often features ‘sets’ of books that enlighten, educate and delight young kids, from classic fairytales through ‘how-to’ books and more traditional picture books.

The ‘First Time’ series of books for kids aged 2 – 5 is a tough-page soft cover collection that helps tots through their very first experiences, from the dentist and doctor to sleepovers and big days out. Children are depicted happily exploring a new situation – both its joys and foibles – and informative text effectively utilises short sentences, exclamations and lots of questions, making it extremely kid-friendly and relatable.

At the dentist . . . how long will we have to wait?  Will it hurt? What’s the best way of cleaning my teeth? On a sleepover . . . will I be homesick?  Will I like the food?  Will I be able to sleep?

Parents will love the informative, child-friendly text that gently encourages children to take furtive steps into Big Kid land, and kids will thoroughly enjoy the bright illustrations by Jess Stockham, that really pack a colour punch. Child-friendly size and book shape encourage child interactivity, and large, dancing typeface will help kids explore words on their own.

First Time Sleepover and First Time Dentist are just two of the books available; the collection also includes Baby Sitter, Vet, Big Day Out, Hospital, Nursery and Doctor.