This quirky new picture book from Michèle Dodd takes a simple idea and develops it into an engaging story. If you’ve ever wondered what is really underneath the witches’ hats on the road, this is the story for you.

At the stroke of midnight, four mischievous witches sneak out from their hiding places under the witches hats and create havoc and mayhem all around. They mix potions, cast spells and create havoc everywhere.

They introduce the reader to a whole new life out there on the highway. Speed humps turn into camels, white lines into zebras.

Michèle’s colourful expressive illustrations bring this unusual story to life.

This book is one that gives free reign to your imagination. I know as a child I used to dream about the things around me coming to life and causing chaos.

These witches and their fierce cats are naughty but full of fun just like the illustrations in the book. I think my favourite picture was the witches sneaking back under their witches hats to shade from the sun.

Cats, Bats and Witches Hats is full of wild and wacky humour and vibrant colourful pictures.

Cats, Bats and Witches Hats is published by Brolly Books.