Button Boy is a charming new picture book by Rebecca Young and Sue deGennaro.

Lots of kids love to collect things and in Banjo’s case, it’s buttons. He collects buttons of all shapes, colours and sizes and grandma sews them onto his jumper.

I liked Banjo’s quirkiness, that he finds something a little different to do to keep himself busy. Buttons seem to be such an easy thing to lose so it’s not surprising that Banjo manages to collect so many.

He has a jumper full of buttons but one day he goes to the banyan tree and finds an unhappy little girl who has lost a button.

Grandma Woolly had sewn the girl’s missing ducky button on his jumper just a week ago.

Banjo gives the little girl back her button and this starts him on a quest where one by one he returns the buttons he has found. Soon people are gathering at the banyan tree to collect their missing buttons.

After he has given all the buttons back, Banjo looks around for something else to collect and discovers something that can bring him even more happiness.

Button Boy is a gentle story about a boy’s journey of discovery, about friendship, love, honesty and how the search for one thing can lead to another.

This sensitive text is created by Rebecca Young and the joyful illustrations are by Sue deGennaro. Button Boy is published by Scholastic Australia.