Boomerang Books is Australia’s first online bookstore to become a Google Trusted Store.

googleBoomerang Books has become Australia’s first online bookstore to become a Google Trusted Store. To gain accreditation Boomerang Books passed a 30-day qualification period in which online suppliers must maintain a high level of customer service, reliable delivery time-frames and high customer ratings.

The Google Trusted Stores program was launched in Australia earlier this year and provides assurance to customers that they will receive reliable shipping and excellent customer service. The program also provides customers with free purchase protection of up to $1,000 from Google.

Google Trusted Stores are designated by the Trusted Stores badge which appears in Google search results and on the store’s website.  Visitors to the Boomerang Books will see the badge at the bottom right of their browser screen.

Other Australian online stores that have achieved Google Trusted Store status are DealsDirect, SurfStitch, StyleTread, The Iconic and

COMPETITION! ASK a question to WIN!

A chance to WIN a copy of Ursula Dubosarsky’s ‘The Terrible Plop‘, AND
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PhotoGrid_1413769415749To win:

1. Head to My Little Story Corner and LIKE the page.

2. Find the Competition post, pinned at the top of the page.

3. In the comments box, ask a very original and creative question that you would like Ursula Dubosarsky to answer.

The question deemed most inventive will be the lucky winner of the interview feature (only first name will appear), and The Terrible Plop delivered to your door!

Entries close 11.59PM AEST Sunday October 26, 2014.

See pinned post in My Little Story Corner for details.
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From the author of Too Many Elephants in This House and Tim and Ed, The Terrible Plop is another adorably hilarious classic. It involves a lot of manic animals; rabbits hopping furiously away from the Terrible PLOP, and a bear who won’t have a bar of it, until… it’s all too much to bear!
”But what is the PLOP? And where does it hide? Open the book and look inside…”
With gorgeous rollicking rhyme by Dubosarsky, and equally whimsical illustrations by illustrator, Andrew Joyner.


Boomerang Books has a new Schools Program designed to benefit students, parents and teachers.

Schools that register with the program will be given a promotional code that provides 15% book discounts for library, teachers, parents and students. Schools will also be entitled to a 5% credit on orders and a 3% donation to their chosen charity will be made with each order placed.

According to Clayton Wehner, Managing Director of Boomerang Books the program also has benefits for the environment and the Australian publishing industry.


Boomerang Books is a carbon neutral online bookstore and offsets the environmental emissions of every order through the purchase of carbon credits.


Boomerang Books is an Australian business located in Australia and selling predominantly Australian books to Australian people. They support Australian authors and buy books from Australian publishers and distributors. Unlike foreign online bookstores, Boomerang Books pays GST, employs Australians and pays Australian contractors.

Boomerang Books is also a member of the Australian Made Retail Supporter program. For more than 20 years, the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign has been helping consumers to exercise their preference for buying Australian, and promoting Australian products in Australia and increasingly also in export markets.

More information is available at Applications can also be made using this link.




Today at Kids’ Book Capers we start three weeks of celebrations for super spy Alex Rider’s ten years in print.

Thanks to our friends at Walker Books we have some fabulous prizes to give away.

From now until 11th June, we’ve got some great posts happening here.

Learn about Alex Rider’s life saving gadgets, and the villains who are out to destroy him. Find out about Anthony Horowitz, the man behind the Alex Rider phenomenon.

We’re also talking with literacy expert, The Book Chook on how Alex Rider got boys reading, and we’ve got some interviews and reviews with Alex Rider fans.

Here’s what to expect:

24th May 2010 ANTHONY HOROWITZ – The story behind the stories – where the inspiration for the Alex Rider books came from.
26th May 2010 Interview with Tom 13 about the Alex Rider Books
31st May 2010 ABOUT THE ALEX RIDER PHENOMENON – The villains and the technology

A review of Crocodile Tears by Lachlan aged 12

9th June 2010 Interview with George 15 about the Alex Rider Books and review of Stormbreaker by John 14




Australian Online Bookstore goes carbon neutral to tackle ‘greatest moral challenge of our time’

Whilst our political leaders equivocate over the ‘greatest moral challenge of our time’, Australian online bookstore Boomerang Books has pledged to do its part for the environment by becoming ‘carbon neutral’.

Boomerang Books is proud to be Australia’s first carbon neutral online bookstore, independently accredited by the Carbon Reduction Institute (Certification #NC166).

‘Books have a very apparent carbon footprint – they’re made of carbon – so we thought it was important for us to give something back to the environment, to help ensure that future generations can enjoy books the way that we do’, explained Boomerang Books’ managing director and part-owner Clayton Wehner.

From May 2010, Boomerang Books is subject to an annual carbon audit and must purchase carbon credits each quarter to offset the company’s emissions.

Carbon credits are a mechanism that allows organisations to fund and trade climate change actions on an open market. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon dioxide or its greenhouse gas equivalent (CO2-e) reduced or saved from entering the atmosphere.

The cost of offsetting a book is, on average, 1% of the price of the book. Boomerang Books customers have the opportunity to help pay for the environmental footprint of their books by contributing half of that cost (ie. 0.5% of the sale price) when they purchase books on the Boomerang Books website.  For a $30 book, this levy represents an additional cost of only 15c to the customer.

‘Unlike the airlines, we’re not pushing the full carbon offset cost onto the customer.  We’re just asking them to pay half the cost, with Boomerang Books paying the remainder’, Clayton explained.

‘Additionally, customers are not obligated to pay the levy.  They can opt-out, but we’re hopeful that the majority of our customers will contribute.  If they choose not to pay the levy, then Boomerang Books will still offset the full environmental cost of the books’.

‘So, at the end of the day, we’re taking full responsibility for the carbon footprint of our products.’

In addition to its carbon neutrality, Boomerang Books has implemented a host of environmentally-friendly measures to minimise its internal environmental footprint including a recycling program, flexible working policies and the efficient use of electricity and utilities.

Further information about Boomerang Books’ carbon neutral program can be found here:

Welcome to Kids’ Book Capers

I’m so excited to be one of the new bloggers for Boomerang Books. My new blog, Kids’ Book Capers is going to be full of fun things to do with books, and the people who write and illustrate them.

Today is a special day for Australian Children’s Books with the announcement of the CBCA Shortlistings and Notable books for 2010

Congratulations to all the authors, illustrators and publishers whose books have been recognised in this year’s awards.

So many great books by so many wonderful authors and illustrators. And many of these talented people will be visiting Kids’ Book Capers to talk about how they write and draw, and create the characters and stories we love.

Pearl Verses the World by Sally Murphy is just one of this years worthy CBCA winners.

Pearl needs poetry to help her get through the hard things that are happening in her life – the illness of her granny, being accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend, and clashing with her teacher over poetry that doesn’t rhyme.

When you read Pearl Verses the World, you feel as if Pearl sat on author Sally Murphy’s knee and spoke to her – asking for her story to be told.

Sally says,

I had wanted to write a verse novel for some time – it was on my list of vague ‘to-dos’.  I loved the form and thought that one day I would sit down, really study the form in detail, look for books or articles on writing the verse novel and then eventually sit down and have a go at one myself. In reality, this isn’t what happened. Instead, the story came to me in verse from, and so that is how I wrote it. When the verses first started coming, I didn’t realise I was going to sit down and write a verse novel.

Over coming posts, we’ll be talking to other authors and finding out  about books to make you giggle, books to scare your pants off, and books that have just been released.

If you want to find out why some kid’s authors have never grown up, stay tuned to Kid’s Book Capers every Monday and Wednesday, and sometimes on Fridays.


Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea – Book Vouchers

 It’s getting really close to Christmas now.  And if you’re like me, you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last minute…

Well, don’t despair.  Boomerang Books has an excellent last minute Christmas gift idea that is sure to satisfy the hard-to-buy-for person: Get them a Boomerang Books Book Voucher for Christmas…

Boomerang Book Vouchers come in denominations of $20, $30 or $50. They can be redeemed online from Boomerang Books. The voucher recipient can choose from our great range of over 1.2 million titles.  And our discounted prices will ensure that they get great value for money when they select their books.

How does it work?

Once you have purchased the voucher using our secure shopping cart, an email voucher will be sent to you, the purchaser, the following day.  You may then add your own greeting and forward the voucher by email to the recipient.  You might even like to paste the voucher code into your own e-card…

Upon receiving the email voucher, the recipient will be directed to a redemption page on the Boomerang Books website.  Here, the recipient is required to register the book voucher serial number. The value of the voucher will then be honoured against any purchase from Boomerang Books.  Any unspent portion of an online book voucher will be credited towards one subsequent purchase

Get them a Boomerang Books Book Voucher for Christmas…