The Hazard River series, by J.E. Fison continues with two new action-packed stories, Toads’ Revenge and Blood Money. Julie started the series after a family holiday on the Noosa River, but she looked to another waterway, a little further south for inspiration for one of her latest adventures.

Author, J E Fison says,

Kids, adventure and money – it’s a heady combination, so I couldn’t help getting excited when I picked up the Sunday newspaper one weekend and found a story about two teenage brothers who were fishing in a quiet creek west of Lismore and found a bag containing one hundred thousand dollars! The bag of cash had apparently been washed into the creek during a flood. The boys agonized for two weeks about what to do with the cash before handing it in to police.

The news story went straight into my journal (which is more of a plastic folder than a journal) and emerged a year later on the banks of Hazard River, in the latest adventure, Blood Money.

Just like the boys in the real story, the kids at Hazard River find a bag of cash and just like the real boys they face a moral dilemma about what to do with the money. Add to this a few snakes, some troublesome meatballs and a nasty neighbour and everything is in place for a rough ride for the newly cashed-up kids of Hazard River.

In Toads’ Revenge the kids of Hazard River find themselves thrown into a dystopian toad-infested new world when they accidently fire themselves into the future. Although it’s a bit of a departure from the usual Hazard River story line, it’s not too far from the real world.

Cane toads, once confined to northern Queensland have advanced as far south as Sydney and into Western Australia, threatening native animals and fragile wilderness areas along the way. These super-resilient, poisonous reptiles are incredible breeders. Females lay up to 35,000 eggs at a time and the toads’ march across the continent is proving impossible to stop. Recent media coverage of the toads’ march inspired me to make them the bad guys of Toads’ Revenge.

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Toads’ Revenge features all your favourite Hazard River characters in a new world, literally. They’ve climbed aboard a time machine and travelled ten years into the future only to discover that their beloved Hazard River has been turned into a wasteland by an environmental disaster ten years earlier.

Can they get back to the present day and will they do it in time to prevent the disaster from happening?

Jack, Ben, Mimi and Lachlan will need the help of Josh, the son of Just Orsum, but they’ll also have to rely on their own wits and cunning.

There are some really nasty giant mutant Cane Toads that they’re going to have to outwit and a future they will have to change, but these kids are resourceful.

Toads’ Revenge is an action-packed page turner from page one and there are some really gross bits that kids will love. The characters stay true to form in this adventure and I like the way that Jack always manages to save his younger brother Ben, even if it’s sometimes a bit reluctantly.


What kid doesn’t want to be rich? Jack’s latest plan for making money is selling coconuts so…

When Jack and his friends find a bag full of money, it looks like all of their dreams have come true.

But as they soon discover, sometimes money buys a whole lot of trouble. It really seems as if the money is cursed. First they’re chased by a red-bellied black snake, then when they find blood on the money, it seems as if things could get even more serious.

They decide to spy and see just who owns the loot, but the stakeout proves fruitless and when they return home, they find Jack and Ben’s father in a fury because someone has trashed his shed. Straightaway, the kids think it could be the owner of the money.

When they realise the money could belong to their cranky neighbour, they go looking for clues and discover endangered reptiles in cages – something is definitely not right in Hazard River.

Blood Money is another new action-packed adventure in the Hazard River series.

As always, the story is narrated by Jack and I enjoy his dry humour.

I take a piece of white soggy stuff out of the tree. I hold it up for Ben to see. ‘It’s toilet paper, not a Mummy’s bandage,’ I say.

The Hazard River books are written by J E Fison and feature amazing covers by Marc McBride. The characters, action and the language make them a great read for even the less confident reader.