Bilby Secrets is Australian author, Edel Wignell’s latest book and it’s part of the acclaimed Nature Storybooks series from Walker books.

The bilby is an endangered Australian marsupial and Bilby Secrets reveals how it manages to survive the harsh desert environment. Readers discover so much about the bilby – where it finds its food, where it sleeps, who its predators are.

One of the things I liked about this book is the way that the true story of how a bilby lives is presented in narrative so the reader is carried into the bilby’s world.

The reader gets to take a peek inside Mother Bilby’s burrow as she gives birth to her baby and keeps him safe inside her pouch.

The young Bilby grows and becomes independent and finally gets to leave the burrow, cantering behind his mother. Young bilby is introduced to the desert and taught how to find his own food and about the dangers lurking there.

Alongside the bilby story are lots of great facts – the bilby secrets that Edel Wignell reveals. The fact that bilbys have around four litters of young a year but the number varies depending on the food and water supply.

Bilbies have sharp teeth. As they hunt, they store food in their cheeks.

A bilby may have up to twenty tunnels in its feeding area.

Bilby Secrets, the story of mother and baby bilby’s journey is beautifully illustrated by Melbourne-based artist, Mark Jackson. His pictures depict the rich colours of the desert and reflect the busy but perilous life of a bilby.

Edel Wignell’s fluent narrative is accompanied by well-researched facts to engage the curious young reader.

Bilby Secrets is published in hardback for readers aged 3+