Tania McCartney has a wonderful new book published by the National Library of Australia.

Australian Story, an illustrated timeline is a pictorial and textual delight.

Did you know that Indigenous people arrived in Australia between 40,000 and 65,000 years ago? Or that Mount Gambier was the last volcano to erupt on the Australian mainland, or that the first steam railway opened in Melbourne in 1854?

Australian Story – An Illustrated Timeline is full of fascinating facts about Australia’s history.

I can imagine young readers pouring through this book to find out all sorts of  interesting information about how Australia came to be the nation it is today.

They can travel through the decades and discover how the famed Pavlova got its name, and when television first came to their state…and so many other surprising snippets of history.

Clearly, a huge amount of research has gone into creating this presentation of Australia’s colourful past.

Australia may be young but its history is fascinating, diverse and steeped in one of the world’s oldest living cultures.

From creation and Dreaming to the twenty-first century, Australian Story – An Illustrated Timeline takes us on a journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of events that has shaped our beautiful country.

Australian Story – An Illustrated Timeline is packed with images from the National Library of Australia and scattered with beautiful full colour illustrations by Peter Shaw.

Tania McCartney’s research is meticulous. She has clearly thought a great deal about selecting facts that will most intrigue readers.

The book is packed with information, but the format is easy to read and visually appealing.

Australian Story – An Illustrated Timelin is published by the National Library of Australia as part of its objective to interpret and highlight the Library’s collections and to support the creative work of the nation’s writers and researchers.

I can see this engaging presentation of Australia’s history becoming a valued and much read book in many Australian households and school libraries.


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