New book by pop star-turned-professor inspiring a new generation of science fans

& Andrew Cohen


9780007488803Pop star-turned-professor, Brian Cox, is today’s foremost communicator of all things scientific. With the amazing ability to make complex science issues sound simple and entertaining, he has hosted a ground-breaking television series as well as written three successful books.

In Human Universe, Cox will take readers into a whole new dimension, providing a new perspective on human life. Spanning the history of the Universe, Cox attempts to understand the greatest wonder of them all — humankind — as well as addressing the possibility of life on other planets.

Combining dramatic photography and innovative computer-generated imagery with the magical storytelling that has become Cox’s trademark, he will give us his personal take on the past, present and future of humankind.  

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Following his 2013 sell-out tour of Australia Brian Cox is back this month in the stage presentation

Brian Cox – Making Sense of the Cosmos. 

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