Review – What Animals Really Like

Mr Herbert Timberteeth, a pedantic conducting/ song-composing beaver, is launching a new song. The animals are lined up, at the ready, prepped for their part in the song… the audience is hushed, the red curtain double page spread opens… and the song begins. A-one, a-two…

We are lions and we like to prowl.

We are wolves and we like to howl.

We are pigeons and we like to coo.

We are cows and we like to …

Well, it’s not what you think. In fact, as the songs unfold, the animals reveal or should I say ‘poo-poo’ many preconceived notions on what animals REALLY like.

Did you know shrimp like to ski? Oh yes they do. And they have the holiday snaps from Switzerland to show it. Did you know that warthogs like to parachute? And blow enormous bubbles? And change their mind? And that horses really love to deep sea dive?

Herbert Timberteeth barely tolerates these totally whacky admissions, least of all because they totally ruin the rhyme and rhythm of his song. Will the debut of his new work be a failure or a resounding success?

Robinson’s dry humour and quirky illustrations make for a rollicking and fun storybook for kids, with a charming cast of characters and giggle-worthy antics.

What Animals Really Like is published by Abrams.