SpacesThere are some nights when it’s bitterly chilly, assignments are looking even less appealing than usual, and all you want to do is curl up with an inspiring book to dream about fabulous spaces in which you’d be completely inspired to write.

Clearly this is one of those chilly, assignment-avoiding nights.

Naturally I’ve gravitated towards Frankie’s two volumes of Spaces—two hefty, larger-than-A4-but-I-don’t-think-quite-A3 (I should know what that measurement is, but obviously don’t) books that double as coffee table centrepieces.

The books feature the illustrious spaces occupied by creative types. You know the kind of spaces styled by the effortlessly and successfully arty people we all aspire to be and the eclectic, gorgeous spaces we aspire work in while creating said art. Because clearly such great spaces attract visits from the elusive creative muse and subsequently help artists bring forth fully formed, polished, genius works of art.

Images lead these books, which are essentially part inspiration, part porn. The stories behind the pictures are interesting too, although it’s times like this flicking through the images magazine-like will suffice.

The featured spaces include those Chris and Kara of AHD Paper Co.—an art deco house that doubles as the space in which the couple creates incredible cards and wrapping paper through collaborations with artists.

The spaces include a house formerly owned and occupied by an artist’s grandmother now turned home and art space. This is a house that gives new meaning to collecting habits, with the walls covered and decorated with vintage crockery and paintings and cross stitch and more.

The spaces also include a house made of reclaimed materials that started off as a cubby for baker Lili’s daughter, but became a space for them both. Nestled on Lili’s parents’ property in improbably lush Tasmania, it’s given her opportunity and freedom to pursue her own interests while just next door to her close-knit family members who offer plenty of support.

There’s also the Daylesford cottagey space that offers the best of both worlds—it’s a home turned (and shared by) business.

All of which have convinced me that if I can set up the perfect workspace, my assignments will write themselves. I suspect this home makeover bent is the ultimate in procrastination—far, far worse than that ‘I just need to wash these dishes, do this load of washing, clean my room…’ that usually plagues me.

Still, inspiring stuff and a reminder that there are some very eclectically cute cottages, homes, cubbies, and workspaces around we’re now privy to peeking inside.

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Fiona Crawford is a freelance writer, editor, blogger, proofreader, and voracious reader. She regularly appears as a book reviewer in Australian BOOKSELLER+PUBLISHER magazine. Fiona is also (unfairly) known as the Book Burglar due to her penchant for buying family members—then permanently borrowing—books she wants to read herself.

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