Some animated book trailers

Last time around I posted about some book trailers that I’ve been watching. And here today, are some more! But this time, they’re all animated.

Let’s start with my favourite: It’s A Book by Lane Smith.

Here’s the trailer for The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Nice and simple animation, combined with Gaiman’s wonderful voice. It’s the fact that he narrates his own trailers that makes them special.

Let’s have another Neil Gaiman one. This time it’s Odd and the Frost Giants.

Oh, what the heck… yet another Gaiman. Blueberry Girl. This is my favourite of his.

Here’s a very simple concept with some very simple animation. It’s cute and it works incredibly well. Pond Scum by Alan Silberberg.

This one is mostly made up of still illustrations, with just the minimal amount of motion… mostly achieved through camera movement. It’s put together rather well, with excellent use of music. Minder, by Kate Kaynak, the first book in the Ganzfield series. Check out the website.

More animated than the last trailer, but still very minimal, this one is also helped out by some excellent musical accompaniment. Finny by Justin Kramon.

Finally, we have the very anime styled trailer for Daniel Pink’s The Adventures of Jonny Bunko, which is fascinatingly subtitled, The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need. This actually appears to be a self-help, business book, done as manga. Pretty cool idea!

And so we come to the end of my animated trailer post. Tune in next time for something a little more discursive, rather than me just showing you stuff.

Catch ya later,  George

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