Silvermay is the first book in the Silvermay Series by acclaimed Australian author, James Moloney, and it’s going to leave readers wanting more.

Sixteen year-old Silvermay falls for Tamlyn, a handsome young refugee who comes to live with his ‘wife’ in the village. When the couple are forced to flee once more, Silvermay goes with them to care for the newborn child, named Lucien.

But Lucien is more than he seems and soon Silvermay finds herself in sole charge of him while ruthless forces come searching.

Whom should she trust? Tamlyn, her love, who has no wife after all, or an aging scholar who offers her escape?

I found myself totally immersed in Silvermay’s world. Felt I was side by side with her, battling those who want to take Lucien, the baby she has sworn to protect.

There’s plenty of action as Silvermay faces internal and external conflict, and her story raises moral dilemmas and issues of friendship, loyalty and trust.

There’s a lilting quality to this book; beautiful language and vivid imagery that draw you into the world of the story.

Silvermay is only 16 yet the weight of the world has been placed on her shoulders. She’s vulnerable and likeable. The first person style brings Silvermay closer to her readers and involves you in her feelings and emotions.

Silvermay’s voice helped me connect with her character right from the start. Brave, yet impulsive, wise yet naive, she is a complex mix of contradictions that make her believable and endearing to the reader.

Death had never once asked for my attention in the sixteen years I had spent learning to love the people closest to me. Now it demanded it’s due in one unbearable charge. Rage took hold of me. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair, that someone as good as Nerigold could be snatched away, that all the years of love and kindness she would have given to the world would never be lived. If my eyes stayed dry as I leaned over her body, it was because I was willing her to come back and live those years.

I loved the world and the characters created by James Moloney in Silvermay and look forward to reading Book 2, Tamlyn and Book 3, Lucien.

Silvermay is published by Harper Collins and is intended for readers aged 10 + but I can see it appealing to older teens and adults as well. It’s an easy to read book so would also work well as a class text.


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Dee White

Dee White lives with her husband and two sons in a small rural country town which has more kangaroos than people. She has worked as an advertising copywriter and journalist and has had numerous career changes because until recently, writing wasn’t considered to be a proper job. Letters to Leonardo, her first novel with Walker Books Australia, was published in 2009 to great critical acclaim.