Ruby Red Shoes from debut Queensland author

The most enchanting picture book you’ll pick up this year, from QLD artist & debut author Kate Knapp

Meet Ruby Red Shoes.

Ruby is a small white hare who lives in a cosy little caravan with her kindly grandmother, Babushka Galina Galushka (which literally translates as ‘Grandmother Calm Dumpling’ in Babushka’s native Russian).

Ruby is an ‘aware hare’ who is curious about the world around her. She loves growing fruit and vegetables  in her garden and caring for her chickens (who have developed a taste for croissants and baguettes now that Ruby is teaching them French!).

Exquisitely illustrated and written by talented new children’s author Kate Knapp, Ruby Red Shoes isn’t just a beautiful picture book. It’s a picture book you will find yourself poring over with as much enchantment as the child on your lap. It is a book that you’ll read and re-read, stroke and inhale. And there is every chance you will buy copies to give to your friends, who will also enjoy being reminded of a simpler time when our lives were more closely connected to the seasons, and will also appreciate Ruby’s offbeat humour and enchanting way of seeing the world.

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About the author

Illustrator and artist Kate Knapp is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art. Her design business ‘Twigseeds’ produces cards, prints, stationery and books. Ruby Red Shoes is Kate’s first picture book.

Published by

Clayton Wehner

Clayton is the founder and managing director of Boomerang Books. In a past life, Clayton worked for 12 years as an intelligence officer in the Australian Army and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is a graduate of the Australian Defence Force Academy and the Royal Military College Duntroon and holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science and a Master of Management Studies (Human Resource Management) from the UNSW. He is also a trained Indonesian linguist and served with the United Nations in East Timor as an interpreter/translator.