Rosie Black’s last stand

Rosie BlackDark Star, the third and final book in The Rosie Black Chronicles by Lara Morgan, came out last year. I read it then and have been avoiding the review ever since. I hate it when a book fails to meet my expectations, especially when it is still a good book. It leaves me floundering when it comes to writing the review. But I can avoid it no longer. So, here goes…

In Genesis, we met Rosie Black, an ordinary teenage girl in a future dystopian world, who was inadvertently drawn into a world of corporate espionage, trying to stop the powerful and corrupt Helios corporation. With the help of her pilot aunt, a feral teenager named Pip and a mysterious man name Riley, she destroyed the Helios base on Mars and put a huge dint in their plans. In Equinox she discovered that Helios had other plans on the boil, and Rosie was drawn into things yet again. Now, in Dark Star, Helios’s ultimate plan is revealed, along with the true power behind the corporation. And Rosie finds herself battling seemingly insurmountable odds.

It’s an action-packed book with lots of twists and turns. There are interesting characters and concepts. And the whole thing is rather well written. And yet, it just didn’t do it for me.

You may remember I had similar feelings about the first book (see: “The Rosie Black Chronicles”). But I enjoyed the second book a lot more (see: “Reviewing Rosie Black”). So I was really expecting to love the third book. Alas, I did not. I did enjoy it, in the same way that I enjoyed book 1, but I didn’t love it.

I think, in part, this comes down to the fact that I’ve never really found the lead character all that engaging or likeable. I was starting to warm to her by the end of book 2. But in this book, she goes through so much that she comes across as almost super-human… so you don’t get the sense of her being an ordinary teenager. It was all just a little too much. I also found some of the character motivations a little muddy this time around.

But if you’ve read the first two books, you do have to read this one… if for no other reason than to finally find out who’s behind Helios and what they are up to. I really did like all of that. And there are lots of other good things in the book, particularly in terms of certain supporting characters.

All up, Dark Star is a good book… just not as good as I was hoping it would be. It is still very much worth a read.

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