Rosie Black is back!

In December 2010 I reviewed Genesis, the first book in the Lara Morgan’s YA, dystopian, science fiction, adventure series, The Rosie Black Chronicles. (Check out the review.) Well, Rosie Black is back! The second book, Equinox, is out this month.

Lara Morgan is off on a blog tour to promote the new release, and she’ll be here at Literary Clutter on Thursday 24 November to answer my questions about promotion. To find out about her other stops on the tour, keep an eye on Lara’s own blog and the Rosie Black FaceBook page.

I’ve just finished reading Equinox. It’s an exciting read and I enjoyed it more than Genesis. I’m looking forward to reviewing it… which I will do here on Literary Clutter, right after my interview with Lara. So stay tuned.

In the meantime, today’s post is here to whet your appetite. Let’s start with the book trailer for Genesis

It’s a stylish trailer with great music. But the new trailer is even better…

And now, to really get you all interested, here is the exciting beginning of Equinox

Rosie took a steadying breath, licked her finger and touched it to her eye. The identification distorter lens stuck to her skin and she lifted it off her iris. First one, then the other. She stuck them in her mouth and swallowed them. Gross. She gagged and leaned on the sink. They always tasted foul, like rotten fish scales.

“That’s three minutes,” Riley’s voice came through the receptor in her ear.

“Put the new ones in and get out of there.”

Rosie didn’t bother replying. He couldn’t hear her anyway; they never used reverse coms for a job because the signal could be tracked. Helios thought Riley was dead, and he wanted to keep it that way.

Rosie rubbed her eyes. The disintegrating lens made her nauseous, no doubt affected by the message capsule she’d swallowed earlier. She ignored it as best she could, her hand only a little shaky as she carefully slipped the replacement lenses on. Now any ident readers would clock her as Bridget Faraday, a scientist’s daughter. The lenses had a microscopic camera in them as well, so when she looked in the mirror Riley could see her. She blinked, speaking slowly so he could read her lips.

“Are they working?”

“Vision’s clear,” he said. “Get out of there.”

She tossed the Central dress she’d been wearing in the rubbish disintegrator, ran the decolouriser over her hair to strip out the blond, and chucked that in as well. She ripped her clothes out of her bag and re-dressed in her own pants, black singlet and white over shirt. She gave herself a final once over in the mirror.

“Rosie, get going.” Riley’s tone was sharp.

She resisted the urge to mouth something else at him and turned to the corner above the bathroom door and pointed the jammer at the invisible surveillance hub. The jammer flashed once, giving her ten seconds before the shuttle station cameras kicked in again. Rosie slipped the device in her pocket and headed out.

Interested? Want your own copy? Well, the wonderful people at Walker Books have provided us with a giveaway copy. For your chance of winning it, make sure you come back and read the interview with Lara Morgan on Thursday 24 November. 🙂

Catch ya later,  George

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