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In December last year, I read and reviewed Genesis, the first book in The Rosie Black Chronicles (see “The Rosie Black Chronicles”). I found it to be a good read, but lacking a certain spark. I concluded that I would happily read the second book, but that I wouldn’t go out of my way to seek it out. Well, thanks to the people at Walker Books, Equinox did happen to cross my desk, and since I was going to be interviewing the author (see “The marketing of Lara Morgan”) I read it straight away. And I’m very glad that I did.

In the first book, teenager Rosie Black is inadvertently drawn into a world of corporate espionage, trying to stop the powerful and corrupt Helios corporation. With the help of her pilot aunt, a feral teenager named Pip and a mysterious man name Riley, she destroys the Helios base on Mars, where innocent people were being experimented on. But Helios are not beaten yet. In Equinox they have other plans on the boil, and Rosie is drawn into things yet again. This time she has help from a mysterious boy named Dalton, as well as from Pip and Riley’s sister Cassie. As Helios closes in on Riley, he disappears, leaving Rosie and the others to fend for themselves. Together, they set off to close down the new Helios base.

I thoroughly enjoyed Equinox — much more than I did Genesis. The plot is more inventive, the characters more interesting and the villains more believable. More is revealed about the Helios organisation, and we discover that they have some pretty grand plans. We also discover that they are having some internal problems, with a looming power struggle. This makes Helios a lot more intriguing. A bunch of new characters are introduced in this novel, including the acerbic Cassie, the charming and mysterious Dalton, and the even more mysterious Sulawayo. They all add to the dynamic, making for some great character interaction.

Senate agent Sulawayo is not what she first appears to be. Her development and revelations had me intrigued and I’m hoping to see a lot more of her in the next book. Dalton is the new boy — rich, handsome, talented and hiding a secret. Rosie’s uncertain attraction to him is well handled, as are the eventual difficulties when Pip (the object of Rosie’s affections in Genesis) reappears. Cassie is Riley’s sister, and her abrasive personality makes for a great counterpoint to Rosie, while her unfailing loyalty and faith in her brother softens her a little. A very interesting group of characters!

Riley is not as prominent in this book, but his motivations are explored. The lengths to which he will go to bring down Helios are revealed, showing that some of his methods can be rather questionable. This adds a little darkness to his character, and makes him that much more interesting.

For me, the weak link in the story is Rosie herself. I don’t particularly like her, especially in the first half of the book where she is being whiney. She gets better as the story progresses and I hope that this will continue into the third book. I want to like her… but I’m not there yet. [Am I being too harsh? If anyone out there has read the book and would like to disagree, please leave a comment.]

Nevertheless, after reading Equinox I’m now very much looking forward to the next instalment. It’s definitely a book that I’ll be seeking out.

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