Review: The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus #1) by Rick Riordan

9780141325491I absolutely adored The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan! It’s the first book in his secondary series about Percy Jackson. The first series and I had a mildly rocky start. Oh don’t get me wrong! I love Percy Jackson and the middle-grade series was cute and quirky and fun. But it lacked punch. And, for me The Lost Hero was just EVERYTHING. It’s also more Young Adult, compared to the first series Middle Grade feel, which makes me chortle like a gleeful penguin because I LOVE YA.

I’ve been converted into a Riordan fangirl. #notevensad

We have 3 POVs: Jason, Piper, and Leo. They are so fabulous and interesting! And diverse! And there was so much mystery surrounding these three. So much backstory. I just kept gobbling pages wanting answers.

So a quick look at the characters individually!?

  • JASON: I have to admit that he’s my least favourite. He’s typical “mysterious hero” material anad  a little cliche with his fabulous looks, tattoos, and amnesia. Where is Jason from? Who is he? Why does he randomly speak Latin? But he still felt…flat? He’s the kind of kid that does no wrong except is perfect.
  • PIPER: I loved her! She’s got a real soft side and yet is a bit of a kleptomaniac. She’s also half Cherokee, which is nice and refreshing to have diversity!
  • LEO: Easily my most FAVOURITE CHARACTER EVER. He’s funny! His hands can spontaneously bust into fire. He’s a whiz at making things and is usually covered in grease. He’s also Latino. He’s so fuuuuuny. (Just in case I haven’t mentioned it enough.) He’s the side-kick, the comic relief, and everyone totally takes him for granted. I love you, Leo. You are easily the best character in the book.

The plot followed the typical Send-Kids-On-Potentially-Lethal-Quest format that all Riordan’s books have. I mean, technically this is the sixth book of his I’ve read with this layout. And while it’d be nice to have a new plot structure once in a while…in a way it’s comforting to know how the book is going to be laid out. The story has plot twists and weird prophecies and gnarly action scenes.


“What about a compromise? I’ll kill them first, and if it turns out they were friendly, I’ll apologize.”


Although, I do have to admit….The book is way too long. It’s like nearly 600-pages. There were too many detours that didn’t do anything for the plot.

I’m not a Greek myth buff, but I love how the mythology is woven in flawlessly and I accidentally learn a lot while enjoying a delicious and hilarious story.

I basically enjoyed it a lot and loved the cliffhanger. One needs to have The Son Of Neptune on hand to devour straight away, is all I can say. I enjoyed the deeper plot and the maturity of the characters and I loved being able to laugh my head off at this hilarious quips.


“If possible, try to avoid pushing each other over the edge, as that would cause me extra paperwork.”


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