Review – The Little Refugee by Anh & Suzanne Do

Anh Do – Vietnamese refugee, comedian, Australian, and all round lovely guy has a powerful tale to tell. His best-selling autobiography – The Happiest Refugee – has won numerous awards, including Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year at the 2011 Indie Awards, and tells the tale of his original voyage to Australia aboard a crowded fishing boat – the quintessential horror journey for any refugee.

In this beautiful picture book, an abridged retelling of this fateful oceanic journey, Anh and his wife Suzanne tell of a voyage of courage and hope. After fighting for Australia and America in the Vietnam War, Anh’s dad needs to take his family to safety. There is no other way. They must leave everything behind and board the boat.

Anh was just a wee lad when he left his war-torn home – along with his mother, father and baby brother – in search of a better life. A group of 40 men, women and children crammed into that small fishing boat and set sail, though searing heat and wild storms. The boat was even robbed by pirates, Anh’s baby brother Khoa dangled dangerously over the side of the boat, ready to be tossed asunder.

The pain and fear his parents would have experienced – I can’t even imagine, yet, the family held hope. Indeed, even when the boat was rescued and Anh began a new life in Australia (which beset a whole other set of challenges) his mother oft repeated that their fortunes would one day turn around. And indeed, through perseverance and faith, they did.

This is a beautiful, touching and insightful book. Watercolour illustrations by the masterful Whatley have a Japanese-style feel in their construction, and perfectly wrap this remarkable story – one experienced by so many around the world – in visual splendour.

Most generously, 100% of the profit from The Little Refugee will be donated to the Loreto Vietnam-Australia Program, run by the dedicated Sister Trish Franklin.

The Little Refugee is published by Allen & Unwin. Visit Anh Do’s website to learn more about his inspirational life journey.

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