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Having said all that, what The Daily does not do is shift the pendulum back towards news as a single portal paradigm – and that is its ultimate downfall (and possibly the downfall of all printed newspapers and magazines). Nowadays when I read news, it isn’t through a single organisation’s curated (or created) window. It’s by flicking between links shared on Facebook and Twitter, and it’s a process frequently interrupted by sharing things I read with other people I trust.

Which is not to say The Daily doesn’t at least try to interact with Facebook and Twitter. It really does, and it does so in a way that makes it unique to paywalled news – you can share almost every article in The Daily, and people can read it through a web browser – it just isn’t as compellingly interactive as it is on the iPad, and you can’t browse the entire issue except in the paid app. But that isn’t to say that the process of sharing articles is easy.

What you get when you try and share an article from The Daily is a carefully crafted advertisement for The Daily. The link is still there, but this isn’t a click and go process, and that rather misses the point of the modern news sharing paradigm. News isn’t about where it comes from, it’s about who it comes from, what it is and who you trust. If I wanted a curated news experience on the iPad, I’d just use Flipboard and my Twitter stream. And that may not be the average news reader’s experience, but that is where it’s heading – and trying to dam the river with an app like this isn’t going to stop it.

That’s something that any digital industry can learn from The Daily. Digitising content isn’t just about making it available digitally – it’s about hooking into the new ways people have of finding, sharing and consuming content. Now we’ve just got to find a way to get people to pay for it – and that’s one experiment The Daily is pioneering that I suspect will be very interesting indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Review: The Daily Pt 2”

  1. I think the price point is fantastic. I’m not sure if it’s sustainable, but from a consumer’s point of view it’s great. Individual issues of The Daily are really not that long – so I suspect they’re skimping on the *amount* of content. Though the quality appears to be pretty good.

  2. The scary thing about this is that it seems like such a comfortable and easy news source to use that it could end up just replacing newspapers in people’s lives, whereas the internet could encourage new ways to consume news, news that doesn’t all come from one perspective.

    1. I think newspapers are probably on the way out anyway – but journalism and news won’t disappear just because people are reading more of it online or on tablets like this. It’s going to be a long while before enough people have iPads (or something similar) to make the majority of news shift to a format like this – and by that time we’ll see a much broader range and depth of content – at least as much as what is already available in paper form now.

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