Review: Talon by Julie Kagawa

9781743566619I am so dragonishly pleased with Talon by Julie Kagawa. It was just so excitingly good! I do love me some dragons, though. I absolutely adore them, so I had a feeling this book would be “my thing”. It isn’t flooded with dragonishness (that is a word, don’t doubt me now), but it has loveable characters and sparky humour and an exciting plot of questionable loyalties and betrayal and lies.


The basic gist of the story is: Ember and her twin, Dante, are dragon hatchlings who are doing a stint of “assimilation” into humankind. They’ll act like average teens on a summer break and basically learn to blend. But they’re dragon shapeshifters. And they like shiny things. And also smoothies. And the Big Bad Organisation that controls all the dragons is called “Talon” and is DUBIOUS. Oh and Dante and Ember are being hunted. Fun times.

So let’s talk about the characters, shall we?!

  • Ember: is really spunky and awesome. Refreshing! She has a razor sharp tongue and is reckless. I totally loved her relationship with her twin. Plus she was all “grin and bear it” when life was sucky, and then “live it up” when it was time to party. I just liked her a lot, okay?! Although her name was nearly a touch too cliche?? I mean, her name is Ember. EMBER. And she’s a dragon! Ah-huh.
  • Dante: is Ember’s twin brother and mildly adorable. He’s the Follow-The-Rules dude, but he’s still a sweetie. Although, it did sadden me that Ember and Dante seemed to be growing apart…but I still love their relationship.
  • Garrett: I was not expecting to like Garrett. He’s a military boy, member of Saint George, who…erm…like to kill dragons. He never has fun. And he’s supposed to be hunting Ember so OF COURSE HE FALLS MADLY IN LOVE WITH HER. He can’t figure out if she’s a dragon or not though, so it’s painful watching him double-guessing himself all the time. I totally shipped him and Ember.
  • Riley: Oh dear. This is where my extraordinary love falls apart a little. I really couldn’t care less about Riley, the rogue dragon. He was boring compared to the others, and I felt his relationship with Ember was rushed. It develops into a bit of an awkward triangle. I wish I’d known what Riley’s purpose is though…he is a rogue, fighting against Talon. BUT WHY.

Watching the dragonlings fit into human society was hilarious and endearing. The twins learn to mingle (hehe) and they shop and drink smoothies which they surprisingly become addicted to. The book is like a paranormal-action-adventure mashed up with a summery-chick-flick. And between walking on the beach, there’s guns and training and murder. (Mwahhahha.) Ember and Dante don’t spend much time being dragons though.

I also 100% appreciate that the dudes hunting the dragons were of the Order of St. George. Like the story of George and the Dragon! SO CLEVER. I see what you did there, Julie Kagawa!

This is definitely a series I foresee myself getting addicted to. From the forbidden love to the training, to the siblings, to the surfing (!!), to the pop culture references, to my feels getting tangled in a knot at everyone’s existential crises — I AM HOOKED. I was absolutely dying for book 2, Rogue, and (I’ve read it now) it was beyond perfect. So BE THEE AWARE. Talon ends in a cliffhanger! So you will need Rogue ASAP.

I’m so glad I read this incredible and scaly story. I basically need more.


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