Review – Rudie Nudie by Emma Quay

Oh, there is just something so hysterically funny and freeing about the rudie nudie dash. We did it. Our kids all did it. The freshly washed and powered bare backside of a kidlet is something truly scrumptious as it flashes, peach-cheeked, by – on its way to rambunctiousness.

In this latest romp by the talented Emma Quay, we meet two little poppets, fresh from the bath, quickly-towelled and still quite damp – who make a break for it. Off and out the door, over the floorboards, fluffy on the rug, lickety-split across the prickly doormat, tumbling through the fresh just-being-made bed – and out the door!

Mum soon corrals the pesky nudie pair and it’s into fresh jarmies (rudie nudie no more) and snuggled under the covers for bedtime stories and a well-deserved sleep.

Quay’s divine, sketchy illustrations do more than just delight the eye with their colour-blocked sorbet glory – they also perfectly convey the fresh and freeing tactile bliss children so enjoy with a rudie nudie run.

The soft rug on a bare tum. The fresh sheets on sweet little shoulders. The dipping leaves of a backyard willow tree brushing little armpits – a tickly under there! The faces on these illustrated children is truly priceless – childhood joy and innocence in a gorgeous book that truly harnesses the physical freedom of being young.

A new classic that all kids – big and little – will fall in love with. Be prepared for major repeat-readings. And some rudie nudie copy-cat dashes.

Rudie Nudie is published by ABC Books. Don’t miss our interview with Emma right here on KBC.




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Tania McCartney

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