Review – Me . . . Jane

Young Jane had a stuffed toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. She adored him and took him everywhere with her, especially to the great outdoors, where she loved immersing herself in nature. In fact, Jane also immersed herself in books about nature, and learned all she could about animals and plants.

Jane had a favourite tree which she would climb and read books with Jubilee. She loved reading about Tarzan of the Apes and a girl named Jane, who lived in the jungles of Africa. Jane also dreamed of a life in Africa – living among the animals, and helping them.

At night, young Jane would tuck herself into bed with Jubilee, fall asleep and one day, not too long after she was little, she woke to see her dreams had come true . . . and this is when we are treated to a beautiful photographic image of Dr Jane Goodall, reaching out to touch the hand of a baby chimpanzee, just like Jubilee.

I was completely moved by this book.

The simplicity and beauty of the story of Dr Goodall’s young life is so gorgeously rendered, featuring stunning watercolour illustrations and collages of block printing, photographs and diagrams . . . that come together to make this book a design masterpiece.

The biographical entry at the end, with a photo of a baby Jane with Jubilee, is priceless, as is the note from Jane herself, talking about her Roots & Shoots foundation and her adoration for children.

A beautiful, important book.

Me . . . Jane is published by Little, Brown.


Title: Look, a Book!

Author: Libby Gleeson

Illustrator: Freya Blackwood

Publisher: Little Hare, $24.99 RRP

Publication Date: 1 October 2011

Format: Hard cover

ISBN: 9781921541803

For ages: 2 – 8

Type: Picture BookM

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Tania McCartney

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