Review – Let’s Count Kisses

Kisses? Koalas? Butterflies? Always a hit with the toddler set, and this adorable book, illustrated by Karen Hull is bound to be a winner – not only for its truly gorgeous images, but for its Aussie animal content, and lift-the-flap pages.

Launching into a tribe of kissing butterflies, scattered across the first double page spread, kids will delight in finding and counting said butterflies as they scatter across pages and under the right hand page flap, past a series of adorable critters. A koala, a wallaby and her joey, a galah and kookaburra, an echidna, wombat and more – all sleepy little creatures, getting ready for bed.

As each flap is lifted, kids can count the butterflies quietly, in a lovely wind-down for bedtime. Large illustrations of sleepy animals are calming and truly beautiful to look at – and the sleeping wombat at the end made me want to snuggle under the covers, post haste.

At the end of the book, kids are invited to blow kisses to the butterflies as they drift off to sleep. A visually sweet book, it would make a lovely gift for overseas friends or Aussies on post.

Let’s Count Kisses is published by Lothian Children’s Books.

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Tania McCartney

Tania McCartney is an author of children's books and adult non-fiction. Recent books include Riley and the Grumpy Wombat: A journey around Melbourne, and Australian Story: An Illustrated Timeline. She's also an editor, publisher and founder of Kids Book Review.