Review – Every Minute in Australia by Yvette Poshoglian

There’s many a fact book on the Australian market – and there’s a reason for this. Kids love them. I mean, who doesn’t? Isn’t fact stranger and sometimes more mind-boggling than fiction?

We may be a young country with a small populace but there’s a heck of a lot going on here at any given minute in time. Author Poshoglian has done an awful lot of research to share her findings with kids keen for some super cool facts.

Divided into sections, starting with Aussie Food, we quickly learn that every minute 1,903 cups of cordial are being drunk, 33 tins of Milo and 41 jars of Vegemite are being sold in this country – and lo and behold – 761 Tim Tams are being nibbled.

In the Aussie Animals section, we learn koalas can eat up to half a gram of gum leaves per minute (ravenous little furballs), kangaroos can hop up to 1.16km per minute and 444 species are threatened with extinction.

In Aussie Sport, facts and figures come thick and fast with boggling speed and skill stats per minute, and in Aussie Technology, 111 vehicles cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge, 600-720 frames comprise a stop-motion claymation movie and Halley’s comet whizzed by in 1986 at a speedy 3km a minute.

Also covering Aussie Bodies, Pop Culture Down Under and Only In Australia, the author fleshes out each entry with some fascinating information and history, and several activities at the end of the book make for a very interactive book that should have the kids occupied very nicely indeed, these summer holidays.

Every Minute in Australia is published by Scholastic.


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Tania McCartney

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