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My LifeThe other day I came across of couple of really innovative and entertaining book trailers… both from the same author. I wanted to share these trailers, and others, so I thought it was time for another post about book trailers — after all, it’s been over twelve months since I last posted on this topic (see: “The book trailer search experiment”).

The first of these trailers is for My Life & Other Stuff That Went Wrong by Tristan Bancks. A follow-up to My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up, this book is a collection of humorous, linked short stories. The trailer for the first book was a well-made but fairly standard book trailer —illustrations with a voice-over telling you a bit about the book. But the trailer for the new book takes a completely different approach. Rather than telling you about the book, it picks up on the idea of ‘stuff that went wrong’… showing a trailer that’s gone wrong. It doesn’t actually tell you about the book’s contents at all. But it’s engaging and it makes you like the author, who’s obviously very comfortable making fun of himself. So it is selling the book, by selling the author, by showing you what an interesting and fun guy he is. Cool! Clever! Funny!

The second trailer is for Two Wolves, another book by Tristan Bancks. This one is a kids’ adventure novel. It’s an innovative trailer that plays with the concept of a trailer. It’s presented in the form of a news report about two missing children. The little Random House Australia logo at the start is the only indication that you are watching a trailer for a book rather than a real news report. It’s only at the end that the book cover is revealed. It’s engaging and it’s tense. And it gives you the gist of the story without simply telling you about it.

Another recent trailer that is well worth a look is for Michael Pryor’s latest YA novel, Machine Wars. Creepy and atmospheric, it leaves you in no doubt about the content of the book.

There are so many book trailers out there. And so many of them are very ordinary. So it’s great to have the occasional trailer that plays around with expectations and does something a little differently.

Of course, all of this leads in to me showing you my latest book trailer. 🙂 This trailer is for the final book in my Gamers trilogy, Gamers’ Rebellion, which came out in July last year. It was put together by pixel-pusher extraordinaire, Henry Gibbens, with music by my brother-in-law, Marc Valko. It follows the standard trailer formula, images with text telling you a bit about the book… but the visuals are computer animated (and one visual in particular, featuring an injection and an eye, always gets a reaction) and the text is a little more than just story description. See what you think…

So, dear readers, what sort of book trailers do you like? What are your favourites? Feel free to post links in the comments section.

Catch ya later,  George

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