Recent Acquisitions (3) (the Eastern World edition)

Who’s a lucky girl, then?! The postman has been kind to me; my purse – eh, not so much. I have 3 more books to whet your appetite for later posts…I honestly don’t know how I’m going to choose their order on the to-be-read list…*sigh*

Life sure is hard.

Kylie Chan’s Hell to Heaven is Book 2 in the Journey to Wudang series…problem is, I haven’t read Book 1. I’m hoping this won’t be an obstacle to immersing myself in the world of “Dragons, martial arts, science and magic”. This book seems to have it all, no? It’s like the ultimate episode of Monkey Magic.

My first introduction to Guy Gavriel Kay was in my early teens with the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy. Strange, that I remember enjoying the series so much and yet it look me longer than a decade to get around to reading more of his works. So here I am with Under Heaven. I guess I simply couldn’t ignore a fictional nation representing 8th century China’s Tang Dynasty, heavy with politics and intrigue, a story drawn from history but built on with fantasy. Add to this promises of Guy Gavriel Kay’s sometimes-overwhelming writing style and you’ve got yourself a deal.

Lucky last, my most anticipated read of the bunch: Geisha, by Liza Crihfield Dalby. Looks like Liza’s the go-to girl when it comes to Japanese geisha – Arthur Golden used her as a consultant whilst writing his bestselling Memoirs of a Geisha, apparently where she was first referred to as the only American woman to become a geisha. Reality seems to be, however, that Ms Dalby was not a true geisha and participated in certain traditions and rituals to help cement her Ph.D research on the geisha existing in modern Japanese society. This doesn’t, of course, deter me from reading this book. In fact, I feel more comfortable knowing that this will be a meticulously-researched hopefully-unbiased version of a true geisha’s memoirs. Well, at least, I hope that’s what it will be (!)

Have you read or are planning to read any of the above?

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  1. Kylie Chan is on my ‘to read’ list so that might get a place in the starting line up eventually.

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