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I figure 2011 will be the year for science fiction. Right now, I’m still in a fantasy/historical fiction mood and I anticipate that I’ll feel this way until at least February! I do have some Sci Fi lined up though, so all you fanatics don’t fret! I intend to cater to your whims at SOME stage. In the meantime, check out the book swag I’ll be discussing on the blog in detail sometime soon…

First up, a book I have been wanting for ages, and when I saw the new cover, I went a bit gaga and placed an advance order on it. Now it’s in my possession and I’m seriously considering putting down my current reads so I can tear through this one. If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear what you thought of it (and hopefully how much you loved it)! The Crimson Petal and the White, by Michel Faber, is widely considered a deliciously dirty literary epic set in Victorian London. The protagonist is a woman of *ahem* questionable values named Sugar; the novel’s crude subject of her and her companions’ escapades seems perfectly juxtaposed by the high-lace collars and steel manners expected from the Dickensian era.

The Golden Mean, by Annabel Lyon is fiction from an era in history that I haven’t talked about much on the blog so far, but it’s one of my favourite periods of history EVER, combining a favourite society (ancient Greece) with a favourite form of study (Philosophy). The Golden Mean opens with Aristotle hired as a tutor to the sons of King Phillip of Macedon- one of these two sons will become the figure in history known as Alexander the Great. The book has been making waves in the author’s home nation of Canada, praised for its meticulous research and its perfectly balanced prose. I wonder if I will agree with popular opinion.

Finally, an Aussie novel: Slave of Sondelle, by Bevan McGuinness. It seems this book is a bit of a bloodbath, which, quite frankly, sounds awesome. I’ve had just about enough of soppy romance recently with Diana Gabaldon’s Cross Stitch (more on that later – every genre has its place, after all!): I’m about ready to take hold of helm and get on board a more “swashbuckling” kind of adventure.

Part 2 of Recent Acquisitions coming right up – just too many books to fit in one post!

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