Player Profile: Frances Whiting, author of Walking In Trampolines

whitingfrances01Frances Whiting, author of Walking In Trampolines

Tell us about your latest creation:

Walking on Trampolines. It’s a bit of a love letter to the Australia I grew up in. It’s also a story about the way friendships can mark us, and how most families are chaotic beneath the surface. Ultimately I think its about love.

Where are you from / where do you call home?:

Brisbane. Brissie. Bris Vegas. Brisney land in Queensland, a beautiful, quirky and strangely endearing town that also marks those who come from it.


When you were a kid, what did you want to become?  An author?:

Yes, an author, but also a ballerina, a spy, a teacher, an actress, a singer, a dancer, an astronaut, an equestrian and a figure skater. I was keeping my options open.

What do you consider to be your best work? Why?:

Definitely Walking on Trampolines. Although I have had two books on non fiction out, which have been collections of the weekly Sunday column Ive been writing for 16 years, I consider Walking to be first “real” book. I think its my best work because I’m not tired of reading it myself yet, and I’ve been writing it for seven years, so I think that must say something!

Describe your writing environment to us – your writing room, desk, etc.; is it ordered or chaotic?:

Chaotic. For the most part I wrote Walking on Trampolines wherever I could find a quiet nook to do so. We don’t really have a proper office, so I found myself moving the computer around the house a lot, trying to find a space to call my own!

When you’re not writing, who/what do you like to read?:

If you took a photo of my bedside table, you would find a small hill of books. I really do love reading and I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes. But I love P G Wodehouse, Clive James, Liane Moriarty, Tony Parsons and Nick Hornby.

What was the defining book(s) of your childhood/schooling?:

Madicken by Astrid Lindgren. Iloved that book so much, I got it out every week at our local library for so long that in the end, the librarians there just gave it to me!

If you were a literary character, who would you be?:

Ooooh, that is a really tough question, but my friends would say Brigid Jones, not sure I agree!

Apart from books, what do you do in your spare time (surprise us!)?:

I dance a lot at home with my four year old. We are very, very good dancers.

What is your favourite food and favourite drink?:

MMM. Ice cold natural oysters with lemon juice with a rum and coke. Youc an take the girl out of Queensland…..

Who is your hero? Why?:

Obama. Because he’s the first black man in a white house built by slave’s hands. For that alone, he is heroic.

Crystal ball time – what is the biggest challenge for the future of books and reading?:

To keep spreading the message that in the end, its the words that matter.

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