People Dressed As Books

TwilightI’ll keep this post short and sweet because I realise some of my recent posts have been impassioned and epic. Besides, the focus of this blog is best viewed rather than read. I’m talking about some adorkable pics of people dressed up as books.

I have to thank my friend and fellow writer and editor Judi for once again coming through with the interwebby goods. I don’t know where she finds this stuff, but I’m incredibly glad she does.

Nothing beats getting dressed up as an iconic Popular Penguin. It’s simple and oh so flexible: paint part of it orange and insert your title of choice here.

The Michel Foucault reference is a bit wanky (Foucault—the term, not the person—was bandied around too much for my taste in uni days and I’m happy to leave it behind) and the bible is likely to end in a crazy-assed religious fanatic versus atheist punch-driven debate.

The Twilight costume is ingenious, both because of its simple, arms-incorporating execution and because the costume looks padded—something that could come in handy should there be a fisticuffs (see above).

The book of fairytales is quaint and clever, although as a friend of mine pointed out, it would be better more pocket protector sized. The dictionary entry reeks a little of precious Hermione—clever, but not appreciated by others and certainly not the life of the party.

Fifty Shades of GreyI’m a little puzzled by the Fifty Shades of Grey costume. I suspect they’re hinting at the dog’s fur colour, although my initial, confused thought was that it was a reference to bestiality.

But my favourite—the one I’ve saved for last and that appears last on the page itself—is that of the book fairy. Those wings! That skirt! Someone have a fancy dress party so I can justify constructing one! Or getting someone to construct one for me! (Because let’s face it, I’m so craftily challenged I’d likely super glue or staple my fingers to my face.)

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