No. 15 – Most Popular Aussie Novels of All Time

We surveyed our customers to discover the Most Popular Aussie Novels of all time – we’re counting down the Top 24 Novels between now and Christmas Eve…

At #15 – April Fool’s Day by Bryce Courtenay

27.0% of all respondents have read this book

Synopsis for April Fool’s Day by Bryce Courtenay

April Fool’s Day is a 1993 novel by Bryce Courtenay. The book describes the author’s son, Damon, a haemophiliac who contracted HIV/AIDS through a blood transfusion. The title refers to the date of Damon’s death, April 1 1991 (April Fools’ Day).

This is a tragic yet uplifting story. April Fool’s Day is controversial, painful and heartbreaking, yet has a gentle humour. It is also life-affirming, and, above all, a testimony to the incredible regenerative strength of love – how when we confront our worst, we can become our best. April Fool’s Day will change the way you think.

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About Bryce Courtenay (Books by Bryce Courtenay…)

Arthur Bryce Courtenay AM (born 14 August 1933) is a South-African-born naturalised Australian novelist and one of Australia’s most commercially successful authors.

Born in Johannesburg, Courtenay spent most of his early years in a small village in the Lebombo Mountains in South Africa’s Limpopo province. In 1955, while studying journalism in London, Courtenay met his future wife, Benita, and eventually emigrated to Australia. They married in 1959 and had three sons, Brett, Adam and Damon.

Courtenay now lives in Bowral, New South Wales, with his partner, Christine Gee.

His novels are primarily set in either Australia, his adopted country, or South Africa, the country of his birth. His first book, The Power of One, was published in 1989 and, despite Courtenay’s fears that it would never sell, quickly became one of Australia’s best-selling books by any living author. The story has since been made into a film—as well as being re-released in an edition for children.

Courtenay is one of Australia’s most commercially successful authors. He has built up this success over the long-term by promoting himself and developing a relationship with readers as much as marketing his books; for instance, he gives away up to 2,500 books free each year to readers he meets in the street.

Despite his success in Australia, only The Power of One has been published in the United States. Courtenay claims that this is because “American publishers for the most part have difficulties about Australia, they are interested in books in their own country first and foremost”.

Source: Wikipedia

The List so far…

#15 – April Fool’s Day by Bryce Courtenay

#16 – The Harp in the South by Ruth Park

#17 – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin

#18 – Jessica by Bryce Courtenay

#19 – My Place by Sally Morgan

#20 – For the Term of His Natural Life by Marcus Clarke

#21 – The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

#22 – Dirt Music by Tim Winton

#23 – Breath by Tim Winton

#24 – So Much to Tell You by John Marsden

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