Nikki Gemmell’s honest notes on life

‘I’m writing these pieces for that ultimate accolade: the fridge door.’

Honestly: Notes on Life by Nikki Gemmell

 This book celebrates a year of thought-provoking columns in THE AUSTRALIAN WEEKEND MAGAZINE from the bestselling author of The Bride of Stripped Bare and With My Body.

‘… I feel my work’s marked by bewilderment, vulnerability, as much as anything. I write to understand. It feels like there’s a lot of questioning and frustration in Australia right now; that the voice of regular people is often not being articulated, it is being drowned out by the shouters, the affronted, the haters, the furious. My columns are … presenting another way.’

This collection of writing covers a diverse range of subjects such as motherhood after 40, the end of a close friendship, the joy of a handwritten letter, connecting with nature, the necessity of tweezers, meeting the Queen and oral sex. It also includes exclusive new essays full of frank and uplifting insights, hilarious anecdotes, and some painful yet touching truths.

Nikki Gemmell is famous for her lyrical honesty and for saying those things other women think but dare not say. This collection confirms her reputation for fearlessness.

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Nikki Gemmell’s critically acclaimed fiction has been translated into many languages. Her novels include the international bestseller The Bride Stripped Bare, Shiver, The Book of Rapture and With My Body. She has written two non-fiction books: Why You Are Australian andPleasure: An Almanac for the Heart. Wollongong-born, she was based in London for many years and has now returned with her family to Australia, where she writes a regular column for the Weekend Australian

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