New Release: Stage Fright by Marianne Delacourt

Amateur sleuth and reluctant aura reader, Tara Sharp, returns in a new adventure

Things are a bit hot for Tara Sharp in her home town of Perth, so she jumps at the chance to leave town when a music promoter offers her a gig looking after a difficult musician who’s touring Brisbane.

Though minding musicians isn’t Tara’s usual line of work, the money is good and she’s a sucker for a backstage pass. Respite from her mother – with her not-so-subtle hints about ‘eligible young men’ and ‘suitable jobs’ – is also a plus, as is the time and distance to try to resolve her mixed up romantic life.

Arriving in ‘BrisVegas’, Tara finds her hands full dealing with the bizarre habits of the ‘artist’, not to mention his crazy fans. And it’s not long before she discovers that the music industry can be more cut-throat than she imagined and it can be very dangerous messing with the big boys…

From early reader reviews:

‘I’ve only read one Stephanie Plum and I wasn’t much impressed. Tara Sharp is much better!’ – J. Clark, QLD

Stage Fright works as a title because there [really] were moments which were frightening. These are more than countered by comedy – like interrupting a would-be arsonist on his mobile phone, and a memorable incident with a Peking Duck… ‘ – A. Deborde, QLD

‘I loved this book. What a fantastic story, and being set in Australia, using Aussie terminology made it seem that much more real. Tara getting dragged through some of Australia’s worst kind of underbelly experiences, makes for a fascinating and often amusing read.’ – K. Jones, NSW

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