New Release: Blood Ties by John Suter Linton

When the bonds of family love and trust are betrayed by murder

What compels a loved one to commit murder?

Chilling accounts of crimes where the victim knew their killer intimately

In Australia an astonishing 80% of homicides are committed by someone related to the victim or within their close family circle. But why do people kill those close to them, and how do these killings affect the family circle — beyond normal trauma and grief? What causes a father or mother to turn on their children, a husband or wife to end the life of someone they once loved?

In Blood Ties, renowned true-crime author John Suter Linton tackles the subject of domestic murders: why they happen, how they happen and the long legacy they leave. Through high-profile cases, such as that of Mark Galante, who was convicted of killing his wife, Jody, and Arthur Freeman, who threw his small daughter off a bridge, Suter Linton examines the stories behind the headlines. He talks to survivors, providing a fascinating glimpse into the ties which bind – and sometimes destroy us.

About John Suter Linton

John Suter Linton has written four true-crime books: The Stranger You Know, An Almost Perfect Murder, Bound by Blood and Murder at Anna Bay. John has also worked extensively in radio, television and print media, and as a writer, journalist, researcher and producer.

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