New Cookbook from Donna Hay


135+ clever solutions and f lavour-packed recipes for weeknights and weekends

This book is all about new ways to make cooking easier and captures how most of us, including Donna Hay, like to cook.

It offers solutions to the age-old dilemma of cooks everywhere – what can I put on the table through the week for the family that’s fast and delicious, and what can I serve on the weekend that’s a little more special when I have more than 10 minutes up my sleeve?

It recognises the position most of us find ourselves in during the week, juggling work, kids, personal commitments and the like, when what we need is a fast and delicious dinner, and that on weekends, we have time to relax and spend more time in the kitchen.

It’s about making things faster, simpler and tastier.

Full of short, concise recipes that are big on f lavour, the new easy offers five chapters: weeknights, weekends, sides and salads, baking, and desserts.

Each chapter contains clever and versatile ideas to restyle particular recipes, so if you loved Tuesday night’s lemongrass chicken, learn how to transform it into a chic starter for Saturday’s dinner or a tasty sandwich for Sunday’s picnic. These twists are all about versatility for a whole new and easy repertoire. Happy cooking!

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