Modelling for Trudi Canavan

Guess what? I’m Tayend in Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician trilogy. No, really… I am! I’m not making this up. I really am him. Well… sort of. Let me explain.

You see, as well as being a world famous, best-selling author, Trudi also happens to be an artist — and a rather good one at that. And when she needed volunteers to pose for her, I, of course, stuck up my hand.

It all began last year when Trudi embarked upon a secret project. Stage 1 was to make some magicians robes (see: “The Sekrit Projekt: Stage One”). Then in December last year, she revealed Stages 2 and 3. (see “The Sekrit Projekt: Stage Two” and “The Sekrit Projekt: Stage Three”) She photographed people wearing those robes to use as reference material for a series of illustrations. She is now making these illustrations available on her website as monthly calendar images to use as computer wallpaper. So, if you’re a fan of Trudi’s books, I’d highly recommend heading over to her website and collecting these calendar pages.

I feel rather special because she took some of the reference photos at my place (in the library of course), and used me and a mutual friend (Medge) as models. Medge got to be Lord Dannyl and I was Tayend. At least we were for this illo, which is the calendar image for May

Pretty cool, heh?

We actually posed for a heap of reference shots as various different characters. I believe that I may also have ended at as Dorrien in one of the other illustrations. 🙂 Wanna see some more pics? Of course you do…

It was a rather fun afternoon of dressing up and playing let’s pretend while hamming it up for Trudi’s camera. Of course, it also means that I can now lay claim to the character of Tayend. For he is me and I is him! 😉

Catch ya later,  George

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