Lily gets her wings and Lily has a secret are the first two books in the Lily, The Littlest Angel series written by Elizabeth Pulford with illustrations by Aki Fukuoka


In book one, Lily gets her wings, Lily dreams of earning her wings so she can attend Amelia’s Angel Academy, but someone has hidden her practice wings. If Lily can’t find them in time to take the test, her dream will be shattered.

Being an angel isn’t easy for Lily. She has a sweet nature and means well, but somehow she always finds herself in trouble. And whenever she’s in trouble, her rival for the last spot at the Academy, Tisa, never seems too far away. And when Lily accidentally damages a third year angel’s wings she knows she’s in serious trouble.

Eventually, Lily finds her own wings, but they don’t seem to do what she wants them to. And how will she pass the seemingly impossible test of making Professor Glumbo laugh. There’s only one spot left at the academy and it seems that Tisa will be the one to get it.

But Mother Angel has a surprise announcement for both of them.


In book 2, Lily has a secret, Lily rescues an injured kitten, but one of the rules at the Academy is “No animals allowed (except Frumplepuss)”. As a new recruit to the Academy, Lily can’t afford to break the rules, but she can’t let anything bad happen to the kitten either.

But when Lily gets distracted by the kitten and breaks the beautiful golden harp, things can’t get much worse.

Lily is an appealing character who will endear herself to readers. Even though she’s an angel, she’s far from perfect.

Little girls will be drawn to the appealing design of these books and the lively pictures. They’ll be swept along by Lily’s latest mishap, wondering what will happen next and whether Lily will get out of yet another scrape.

Lily, The Littles Angel’s adventures are gentle stories with authentic characters and events. They make a pretty and charming addition to a little girl’s book collection.

Lily The Littlest Angel series is published by Scholastic.

Lily, The Littlest Angel is a charming new chapter book series for readers aged 6-9.

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