List of YA Books About Bookworms And Libraries

There is one thing we bookworms will all agree on without argument: books are awesome. We all have different preferences on to what kind of books are the most awesome, obviously. But books themselves are just magical doorways into our favourite places of ever. Ergo, books about books are automatically a big win. (Also it’s like bookish-inception!)

Today’s list is about books that involve either (A) characters who love books and are excellent bookworm representation, or (B) libraries or bookstores because we know those are the best places on earth.

9780552773898THE BOOK THIEF


You’ve probably heard of this immensely famous story (by an Australian author, I might add) that’s set in WWII and even has a movie adaption. It’s narrated by Death himself, which is downright awesome, and it is about — as the title might indicate — a girl who STEALS BOOKS. To be fair, the Germans are burning them so I think she’s fair to be absconding with books.

9780451473134INK AND BONE


This is a re-imagining of the question “what if the Library at Alexandria hadn’t been destroyed?” Which is a GREAT question. So much history…gone, gah. #BookwormWorstNightmare

This story also has a seriously magical vibe, which I’ve heard people describe as reminiscent of Harry Potter. It stars Jess whose father trades in books which is illegal, naughty naughty, because books are absolutely precious and kept very heavily guarded. The library is actually kind of evil, honestly, and keeps an iron fist control on the world. Jess ends up being accepted to work with the library and mets a hugely diverse cast of characters and then starts discovering the darker side of the Alexandria Library.



This story promises things like stolen books, spies, secret societies — oh and it’s sometimes referred to as “Doctor Who with librarian spies” which is definitely a win-win description.

Irene is a spy for the Library and harvests books and fiction and tales from alternate realities. The book promises to be an exciting story of chasing around books and magical adventures and dark alternate Londons.



Okay but what if you could read stories to life? That would be seriously awesome. And probably have all kinds of bad repercussions: so welcome to the Inkheart series! Maggie’s father, Mo, is a book doctor but he also has the magical ability to read out loud and the stories will come off the page. This is not a good idea if you read villainous people out of the book who then want to destroy the world. Just keep that in mind.



Another entirely famous story, but don’t underestimate the importance of literature to Hazel! While she’s dying from terminal cancer, she also is a severe bookworm fangirl and her #1 goal in life is to meet her favourite author. She will literally try to cross continents to do this. Not only that, but TFIOS has such appreciation for books and also the joy of being a bookworm. Books can be such good friends when you’re in a dark place.

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