Life in Publishing

I won’t tell you the following blog is funny. Because that would immediately make it not so. I will say, though, that sometimes you stumble upon content on the interwebs that sums up your daily experience and that completely tickles your inner funny bone.

Life in Publishing is one such example, a (for me, at least) snort-inducing blog skewering the publishing industry from the inside (massive props to my friend and fellow editor, Judi, who first found it and sent it to me).

The blog’s tagline is simple and straight up: ‘I work for a publishing company in New York. This is the life.’ Its posts are wicked and evil and fist-pump-inspiring hilarious. At least, it is if you work in the industry and experience the memes it covers daily. Few blogs I’ve seen to date have nailed the life of an editor as strongly.

Some of my faves so far include:

  • Googling an author for the first time and learning they are attractive.
  • When I walk past an intern and see them staring blankly (truthfully, I just love the paw-waving cat)
  • When a celebrity author is in the building and I’m trying to catch a glimpse (ok, I just love the owls)
  • When I’m riding in the elevator with the CEO (an owl, again = pure gold)
  • When I can finally stop working on a book
  • When I flip through a book at work and stumble on a good sex scene
  • When I’m asked to fix a formatting hiccup and I think it will be easy until I see just how much they f&%ked it up
  • When an author tries to explain their weird idea for a publicity plan
  • When I shut down an author/editor/agent, but know that my boss has my back (ok, maybe it’s the owls that are getting me)
  • When I save a galley for myself but then someone legitimately needs it
  • When someone complains that their net galley request was rejected (lolcats!)
  • When the creepy old guy’s book has a lesbian scene
  • To the asshole authors, agents, editors, managers, etc.
  • When you’re at a party and someone starts to tell you this great idea they have for a book
  • The fact that the merger won’t be called Random Penguin (outrageous! And do they not realise that everyone in the industry will be calling it that nonetheless?!)
  • When my book makes the Times list
  • When I’m cold called in a meeting to give my opinion on a book
  • When my boss compliments my work (goddamn, maybe I’m just in love with owls)
  • How I start every week (the hilarious, kid equivalent of lolcats)
  • How I leave work every day
  • When I hear authors talk about how popular their book is going to be
  • The one perk of publishing: when you’re looking forward to a book and you get it months before it comes out

Yeah, so pretty much all of them. That’s not to say that Life in Publishing won’t appeal to anyone outside the publishing industry. In fact, I think it tackles some pretty universal themes. Happy reading.

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Fiona Crawford

Fiona Crawford is a freelance writer, editor, blogger, proofreader, and voracious reader. She regularly appears as a book reviewer in Australian BOOKSELLER+PUBLISHER magazine. Fiona is also (unfairly) known as the Book Burglar due to her penchant for buying family members—then permanently borrowing—books she wants to read herself.