Lennie the Leopard is the latest book in author and wildlife photographer, Jan Latta’s True to Life Books for kids.

Jan’s books are narrative non-fiction. They are unique in that real photos are taken by Jan of animals in the wild to help tell fictional stories. Jan spends months or even years collecting the information and pictures for stories like Lennie the Leopard.

To create the True to Life Books, Jan follows animals every day, taking photographs and notes which she then uses to create her children’s books on endangered animals.

Lennie tells his own story of his life in the wild – growing up in Africa with his family. He takes readers into the wild on his hunting journey and introduces them to some unique facts about the way he lives.

Jan’s photos are truly stunning and it’s hard not to fall in love with the adorable  cub, Lennie.

As well as telling Lennie’s fictional story, Jan presents the reader with all sorts of true facts about leopards and their habitat at the end of the book.

She talks about why these animals are endangered and what can be done to help them. There are great websites for children to check out and interesting facts that they can use in school projects.

Jan’s pictures tell amazing stories and Lennie’s growth from a cute cub to an elusive hunter is remarkable to witness. Anyone who reads his story will be enchanted by his beauty and power and drawn into the plight of endangered animals.

Lennie’s story is easy to read and a stunning visual adventure. It’s a story that needs to be told. Lennie the Leopard will engage readers of all ages and help them understand the ways of the wild and the importance of protecting our endangered animals.

More about Lennie, the True To life Books and Jan’s amazing adventures as a wildlife photographer and author can be found at her website http://www.truetolifebooks.com.au

You can also buy Jan’s books direct from her website http://www.truetolifebooks.com.au/


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Dee White

Dee White lives with her husband and two sons in a small rural country town which has more kangaroos than people. She has worked as an advertising copywriter and journalist and has had numerous career changes because until recently, writing wasn’t considered to be a proper job. Letters to Leonardo, her first novel with Walker Books Australia, was published in 2009 to great critical acclaim.