Jake’s Concert Horror is the latest in the adventures of an engaging character created by Ken Spillman.

Jake’s previous adventures include Jake’s Gigantic List, Jake’s Monster Mess, Jake’s Great Game and Jake’s Balloon Blast.

A school concert sounds like FUN. Jake could scamper across the stage in a monkey suit. He could CLASEH swords with Jonah.

Even being a prince might be okay – as long as princesses are kept WELL CLEAR.

But Mrs Paul has other ideas…

In Jake’s Concert Horror, Jake has been given the leading male role in the school play, The Little Mermaid.

Even worse than being centre stage and having to remember a heap of lines is the fact that Jake is going to have to kiss his female co-star Stephanie in front of the whole school.

Jake is sure he’s going to forget his lines or that some other disaster will happen on the night to make him look like a complete fool – he even has nightmares about it.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this book is that it explores real fears experienced by kids this age and is realistic in its portrayal of how a young boy would handle this situation.

Written by Ken Spillman, Jake’s Concert Horror is another entertaining and believable read in the Jake series.

It’s an exciting and fast-paced text complimented by the hilarious black and white illustrations of Chris Nixon.

Jake’s Concert Horror is an easy read with a central story that kids of many different ages will relate to.

Jake’s Concert Horror is published by Fremantle Press and is an entertaining book dedicated to “Every kid who finds a way of facing fears”.

It will be released in April 2012.




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