Interview with the Rotten Vampire: Claudia Gray (Part 2)

We’re back with Claudia Gray, author of Hourglass. In this post is a spoiler about Book 4, Afterlife, that Claudia says she’s never released to the public before! Gosh, readers, are you spoilt or what?!

So, Claudia – books on your bedside table?

I just finished FURIOUS LOVE. I’m currently reading DAUGHTERS OF KURA. You’ll notice that neither of those are YA paranormal, because I’m currently in the heart of editing FATEFUL. I do keep up with my YA paranormal, but only when I’m not in the middle of my writing process. First up for when I start with the YA again: PARANORMALCY and FIRELIGHT.

Biggest misconception you had/have about Australia that you know is about to be proved wrong?

Honestly, I didn’t find that I had too many assumptions to knock aside — I was eager to see what I’d find. I will say that my one trip to the Australian outback featured rainy, cool weather and verdant greenery, which was not what I was expecting!

Authors that influence your writing:

I don’t think there’s anyone specific. If you’re an avid reader and writer, I think pretty much any book you love has some effect on your writing. The one person whose style probably had the most impact on me (though I don’t know that it influences my writing that much, directly anyway) is Margaret Mitchell.

Tell us one thing your readers would be surprised to learn about you:

I once took a role in a friend’s low-budget science fiction movie, wearing alien make-up, no less. It was never released. Thank GOD.

What’s next in store for Claudia Gray?

Next is finishing my book FATEFUL, which is a werewolf adventure set aboard the RMS Titanic. Then I’ll be turning to BALTHAZAR, about the life, death and subsequent adventures of the title vampire. At the beginning of next year, I hope to start work on SPELLCASTER, a witchcraft-based trilogy.

I realise that most things would be spoilers for those who haven’t read the series yet, but what can we expect from Book 4 – Afterlife (any cryptic spoilers)?

Here’s one I’ve never given out before: Vic will finally have a supernatural “moment” of his own. It won’t go well.

Most important question of the night: would you rather be stuck in the body of a gargoyle spouting water at the entrance to some major gothic castle for a year, or drink only blood for two years? Why?

I’m so grossed out by the blood that I guess I’d have to go for the gargoyle, though that does sound a bit dull. But maybe I’ll catch up on my rest. And maybe the gothic castle will have residents who lead deliciously soapy lives, so I can live vicariously through their dramas.


Thanks for the info, Ms Gray! And thanks to HarperCollins, too.

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