Interview with Charlaine Harris (Part 2) – Angels Versus Vampires, and Life After Sookie

So we’re back with Charlaine Harris, chatting about her phenomenal bestsellers widely known as the Sookie Stackhouse novels, with her tenth in the series, Dead in the Family, released in Australia this month. Charlaine will be coming to Oz towards the end of September as a special guest at the Hub Productions True Blood events in Sydney and Melbourne. She’ll also be doing an author tour after that, details to be confirmed. To stay up-to-date on the haps, you can check out Hub Productions website, or Charlaine’s website.

Ok, cough it up Charlaine – where do you get the inspiration for all the hot love-interest supes (supernaturals)? Are Bill, and Sam and Eric all based on friends of yours? And I warn you that if you answer ‘yes’ be prepared for an invasion of lusty readers to your home town (Bill’s mine, ladies)!

Like most love interests in novels, all the men and women have a kernel of truth in them and a lot of fantasy.

A rather large perceived difference between most vampire novels out at the moment, and your vampire series, is that the female protagonist usually has to struggle with the temptation of becoming a paranormal being. I can’t see Sookie as a vampire myself, but do you think she could ever be truly tempted?

I think health and eternal life are always a bit tempting, but Sookie will never become a vampire.

The reader, in a way, has some of Sookie’s telepathic ability because we’re subjected to Sookie’s thoughts, emotions, dreams, weaknesses. Was there a particular reason you employed this voyeuristic technique?

It seemed the best way to tell Sookie’s story. I love knowing her so well.

You’ve been writing mysteries for decades, in fact you’ve been writing The Southern Vampire Mysteries series for about ten years or so…any pieces of advice for budding writers?

Read, read, read. Write, write, write. That’s the advice so many budding writers can’t seem to follow.

What books are on your bedside table?

I have a whole bookcase beside my bed, and it’s full of things I want to read.

What do you think about the whispers around the traps that angels are the new vampires? Will vampires outlive the angel trend, or do you think there’s enough room for both in the supernatural world?

First it was zombies, now angels. I think the writers who were just writing vampires because they were current will start writing angels or something else. There’s nothing wrong with that. W e all have to make a living. I’m fortunate enough to be able to write what I want, at least at the moment!

And what’s in store for Charlaine Harris after she finishes the Sookie Stackhouse Novels? A trip to some tropical island to soak up the sun (far away from vampires), perhaps?

I have no idea. I’ve been writing other books alternately with the Sookie series, and I’m sure I’ll write other things. I love Sookie, so I don’t want to keep writing her if I have nothing to say about her. I’ll stop when I feel that way.

Charlaine, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. I think I speak for a huge number of readers when I say we’re all super excited to have you visit our shores, and hope you have an absolutely fabulous time while you’re here in September. And if you get to meet any, I hope our Aussie vampires live up to your standards!

I’m sure they’ll be delightful.


Actually, you’re right about that Charlaine. A big, mushy thanks to Charlaine Harris, and Hachette Australia for the interview opportunity.

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