Inside Kevin 07 – the people who made it a success

Meet the dedicated band of political and creative strategists who engineered Labor’s reversal of fortune.

See first-hand the birth of a new style of campaigning.

Discover who was responsible for Kevin07.

Due to intense media demand, Melbourne University Press will release August title Inside Kevin 07 a week early. The new in-store date is Monday, 21 July.

Inside Kevin 07 takes readers into the extraordinary campaign that put Kevin Rudd in the Lodge. Labor’s 2007 victory was historic, not only in numerical terms, but also in what it represents about the party itself, and its future.Among other things, the 2007 campaign showed the emergence of a new kind of Labor leader in Kevin Rudd, who had neither a factional powerbase nor close ties with the unions. It also showed the return of the positive campaign, and the ALP’s strategic use of modern media, from YouTube to the catchphrases that we heard during the course of 2007. ‘Working families’, anyone?Christine Jackman has had the full cooperation of all the key Labor players in the campaign, including Kevin Rudd and Tim Gatrell, and the book is written from her exclusive access to research and files from the Labor camp. Inside Kevin 07 is an unprecedented revelation of how a modern political party works – and succeeds.

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