Today we welcome cartoonist Judy Horacek to Kids’ Book Capers.

She is the creator of seven collections of cartoons for grownups and five picture books for children.

Judy’s new book, If you can’t stand the heat has just been released and as well as being an insightful commentary on so many important world issues, it’s very very funny.

Judy Horacek says she was born to become a writer.

I started making up stories and songs almost from when I learned to talk, and once I learned to actually write there was no stopping me.  I also drew pictures from a young age.

Judy loves creating something new, something that only she could think of.

I like having ideas and then working on them to make them into a book.

She says that the hardest  thing about being a writer and artist is when you can’t find the write word or pictures for something.

But then when you do find the perfect thing, it feels fantastic.

Judy’s cartoons are often concerned with things that worry her about the world – the environment, the place of women, making things fair for everyone.

My children’s books are all different, but they always have a great sense of joy and happiness about them.

Judy says that her greatest writing achievement is that she keeps on doing it and manage to make some kind of a living out of it.

She says that If you can’t stand the heat is really a book for grown-ups, especially the cartoons about things that worry me.  But I’m sure some older kids will like it too.

I have to say that my twelve-year old thoroughly enjoyed this book and seemed to have no trouble understanding the messages. Admittedly, he is a high level reader but as Judy says,

The drawings are pretty amusing even if you don’t get all of the jokes.

I’d recommend If you can’t stand the heat to good readers who care about the world we live in.

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Dee White

Dee White lives with her husband and two sons in a small rural country town which has more kangaroos than people. She has worked as an advertising copywriter and journalist and has had numerous career changes because until recently, writing wasn’t considered to be a proper job. Letters to Leonardo, her first novel with Walker Books Australia, was published in 2009 to great critical acclaim.