Heath McKenzie is the popular illustrator of the enchanting new I Love You Book being featured this week at Kids’ Book Capers.

He became an illustrator through…

hard work, perseverance, minor ignorance and lots and lots of practice. Since then he has worked on hundreds of projects.

Heath says he loves being his own boss, but it’s also one of the pitfalls of the job. Before becoming an illustrator, he was a student and worked in a shop.

“Getting published – every time” is his greatest illustrating achievement according to Heath and he has a number of works in progress at the moment.

Heath’s tip for new illustrators is to become known.

If no one know you exist and what you can do – no one will hire you – so get out there and show yourself and your work off!

Heath doesn’t have common themes in his books but he says

I tend to default to converse runners on feet and four fingered hands.

You can find out more about Heath at his website  – www.heathmck.com


When he was illustrating this book, Heath was inspired by the chance to let his imagination run wild.

I Love You Book is for all ages and celebrates the joy of books. Heath says,

Kids will like this book because of the escapism and adventure it presents and promotes beyond just this book.

The unique concept and imagery set this book apart.

An illustrator’s role is to bring the words to life and Heath says that the hardest thing about illustrating I Love You Book was
reigning in the visual potential presented by the text.

Tomorrow at Kids’ Book Capers, we’re reviewing I Love You Book.


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