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Home LoveFor a low-consuming environmentalist, I’m surprisingly obsessed with good design. Since buying my apartment, AKA the one space I can have some control over, I’ve become doubly so.

My apartment is sparsely decorated and I don’t buy anything that I don’t need, that isn’t relatively environmentally friendly, or that I don’t think will stand the test of time. But then, most good interior design is about simple elements used well and streamlining.

Rooftop conversion

I follow Megan Morton’s exploits online and now, having received her book in the post, in print. Morton is something of a rock star in Australian interior design worlds—she’s eminently talented and impossibly nice. The two combine to see her work sought after and we fans hang on her every design and word. She’s generous in giving away good design advice as well, and Home Love is no exception. It contains veritably impressive hints delivered in discrete, dive-in-then-dive-out themed sections.

Some of my favourite pages/themes include (and I have to apologise for the dodgy accompanying images—I wanted to give you a sense of what I was talking about, but I was tired, I was eating chocolate on the couch. Eating chocolate on the couch took precedence over just about everything else, including getting a proper camera and setting the shots up well. Besides, I can’t make the images look too good lest you won’t rush out and buy the book for yourselves):

The rooftop conversion
(see image above)

It might be all those books I’ve read and movies I’ve seen throughout my youth, but I’ve always lusted after an attic. Imagine all the books you could fit up there. Me and the friendly neighbourhood possum could share it.

Soft industrial
(see image below)

That bed! Those floorboards! Those vintage lockers! Enough said! If you find out where to buy them, please, please, please let me know. I am (and my sister is) sooper keen to find some vintage lockers. And then, once located, for someone to carry them up my two flights of stairs.

The bachelorette pad (see last image on the page)

You’ll have to especially excuse the slight blurriness on this photo. It appears that I can’t lick fingers and take in-focus photos. Suffice to say, in stark contrast to the milk chocolate I was consuming at the time of photographing, this apartment is white on white on a bit of cream with some sparkly bits thrown in.

Soft industrial

There are entirely impractical furnishings that range from fun to comfy to decadent and there are no kids or partners in sight in this Sex and the City-worthy style. I mean, who doesn’t want a ceiling-to-floor pendant chandelier? It—and this apartment as a whole—is what I would have were I a slightly girlier girl.

Relax, it’s casual

Relax, it’s casual incorporates cups of tea and mood boards, packaging them up with plenty of sunlight. It’s the quintessential extra room that, through its casuality and warmth, sees surprisingly high traffic. I see it being a writing and napping room too, but then, I see everything as a writing and napping room …

Contemplating wabi-sabi

I don’t pretend to know what wabi-sabi is (Morton’s text tells me ‘wabi’ means ‘lonely’ and ‘sabi’ means ‘rust’), but I will state up front that I love the (barely visible through my dodgy photography) raw-wood backboards and raw-wood bed frame as a whole. Fits perfectly with my simple, enviro-friendly ethos and aesthetic (and puts the Malm, my Ikea version of the same bed, to shame).

You can have tidy kids

Who’s talking kids? I’m talking me. Bunk beds and me, specifically. I’d argue that these are also the most adult-looking bunk beds I’ve seen in a while. Now, if you could just make them queen-sized, I’d take two.

Bachelorette pad

A cheat sheet for partying

Because who doesn’t need one of those? The sheet contains some gems, too, not least:

  • Do one thing but in huge volumes, e.g. oysters piled on a cupcake stand with lemons (I’d suggest substituting a vego option, but I get the simple, effective, do-it-in-bulk sentiment).
  • Accept that food only ever looks good on white plates (totes agree with that).
  • If you live near a cake shop or café, ask them to make you a larger version of their house speciality (clever).
  • Stock up on toilet paper (This one’s practical and giggle-worthy).

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