HOLIDAY READING – Totally Twins Totally New Adventure

Model Mania is the second book in the popular Totally Twins series written by Aleesah Darlison and illustrated by Serena Geddes.

One of the things I love about these books is that they are so true to life; reflecting the ups and downs and trials of being ‘almost eleven’.

Despite the fact that Portia and Persephone are identical twins, Aleesah Darlison manages to differentiate between them through strong character development revealing individual traits and characteristics.

Persephone is the quieter, more serious twin and in Model Mania she is again taken along for the ride by the more outgoing Portia.

This time, Portia has her sights set on becoming the next super model so Persephone is dragged along to fashion parades and film sets to offer Portia moral support. Persephone shuns the limelight but more than that, she hates what the pursuit of fame is doing to Portia and to their friendship group.

Portia preening and pouting her way to fame is hilarious, especially as told through Persephone’s quiet wit. Model Mania handles real dilemmas faced by girls this age but the humour and charm of the book stop it from being too intense.

Once again, Persephone tells the story through her diary and she has plenty more tips and lists for readers.

Amidst the turmoil of Portia’s newfound fame, the twins also have to deal with a new man in their mother’s life and an increase in the demands of her work schedule. As usual, Persephone feels as if she is being dragged along by the demands of everyone else’s needs and plans.

In true sisterly style, Portia and Persephone always seem to sort things out in the end despite their differences.

The Totally Twins series is ideal for girls aged 9+ years. Readers will also want to check out Persephone’s new blog at

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